Congress is back in session after the summer break and negotiations over SNAP and the Farm Bill will heat up quickly.

Tomorrow, Sept. 5, the first meeting of a the farm bill conference committee, consisting of certain House and Senate members. We need to send a strong message that they must protect and strengthen SNAP – not cut it the way the House Farm Bill proposes.

The New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations. Please add your organization now.

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Two versions of the Farm Bill are in play. The House version would lower the income limits at which a family can qualify, effectively cutting assistance to 35,000 NJ residents, while imposing punitive rules that would take food away from people who can’t find a job or participate in a work activity. We

The Senate version protects and strengthens SNAP, while also improving work training programs so that people can find good-paying jobs.

We’ve done a good job convincing New Jersey members of Congress to reject SNAP cuts but they need to hear from us again so they withstand any pressure to change their vote.

Please sign on to the Protect SNAP letter now. It only takes a minute.