Board of Directors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Cynthia Johnson-Barbato-President
Dr. Menen Mathias-Fredericks-Vice President
Anthony Fasciano-Secretary
Dorothy W. Anderson-Treasurer

Michele Calise
Amy Edmonds
Phyllis Brown-Edwards
Walton Clark
Shelley Eleby
Veronica Hernandez
Deborah Klein
Linda Kligman
Philip Konort
Marcia Levy
Lauren McGovern
Michael Murphy
Deena Rosendahl
Stephen Selver

David York

During the week of May 2nd, CFA’s Mother’s Day Initiative will provide the families we serve either a bank-issued gift card, to pick up a much-needed essential item for Mom or our Give-A-Meal voucher valid for a takeout family dinner. The Give-A-Meal voucher gives Mom, or Dad, a night off from cooking a meal while giving back to area restaurants. This is a wonderful way to encourage Moms and families during this challenging time.

Make Mother’s Day Special