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Hunger haunts every corner of New Jersey. That’s why a statewide response is critical. Hunger Free New Jersey, formerly known as the New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition, leads that effort, educating the public and decision-makers about hunger — its causes, its solutions. We mobilize diverse organizations. We push for sweeping changes so every single New Jersey resident has healthy food to eat — every single day.

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Hunger Facts

Each year, thousands of New Jersey children, adults, senior citizens, veterans and others face hunger and struggle to find help. Get the facts about hunger in New Jersey.


College Hunger

In partnership with NJ’s colleges and universities, we are advancing solutions to campus hunger, so students do not have to choose between food and school.

Senior Hunger

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. Many receive only meager assistance and many receive no aid at all. Read more about the solutions to senior hunger.

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