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Pumping $1.2 billion into New Jersey’s local economies each year, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps feed tens of thousands of low-income workers, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities. This aid is currently under attack in Congress.

Send a message to your Congressional rep to oppose SNAP cuts.

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This critical federal aid, commonly known as food stamps, helps more than 750,000 New Jersey residents afford nutritious food, including nearly 300,000 children. The majority of households receiving this aid have at least one working family member and almost all are scraping by on poverty wages or income.

In June, the House passed a harmful “Farm Bill” that would severely cut this essential aid. The Senate adopted a version that would protect and strengthen SNAP. Both houses are working now to strike a compromise. Join Hunger Free New Jersey and its many partners in opposing the House Farm Bill, which would punish people who can’t find jobs and take assistance away from working parents and their children. Learn more about the Farm Bill.

We need to raise our collective voices over this hurtful proposal, released April 12 by House Agriculture Committee Chair Michael Conaway, (R-Texas). Visit our SNAP Action Center to send a strong message to Congress to protect SNAP and forge do-able solutions to fight hunger and help people find jobs. Send a message on social media. 

The Facts About NJ SNAP

SNAP Feeds NJ Report

SNAP brings $1.2 billion into New Jersey’s local businesses, while keeping about 800,000 New Jersey residents from going hungry, according to NJAHC’s new report.

Faces of Hunger
“We had the American dream. In the blink of an eye, it turned to a nightmare when my husband was out of work. SNAP gave me peace of mind, knowing my kids wouldn’t go to bed hungry. It was temporary help when we needed it most.”
SNAP & Congress

NJ SNAP helps thousands in New Jersey’s Congressional Districts. Use our Congressional fact sheets to show your representatives how important food aid is to the people in his/her district.

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