NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition

Feeding NJ Kids

As co-lead of the New Jersey Food for Thought Campaign, we are working to end childhood hunger through expansion of school breakfast, summer meals and afterschool meals.

Teaming Up To Fight Hunger

The coalition convenes effective partnerships across the Garden State to collectively combat hunger.

Because there’s strength in numbers.

Hunger Solutions

Advancing legislative and policy change is at the heart of the coalition’s strategic approach to advancing comprehensive hunger solutions at the local, state and federal levels for all New Jersey residents.

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The NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition

Working to end hunger in New Jersey through education, advocacy and activism

Hunger haunts every corner of New Jersey. That’s why a statewide response is the best way to end hunger. The New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition leads that effort, educating the public and decision-makers about hunger — its causes, its solutions. We mobilize diverse organizations to combat hunger. We push for sweeping changes to ensure that every single New Jersey resident has healthy food to eat — every single day.

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News About Hunger in New Jersey


-Real people, Real Needs

When illness struck, Audrey lost her job and turned to the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) to feed her family. Jim’s home...

More About NJ Hunger

Hunger in NJ

Each year, millions of New Jersey children, adults, senior citizens, veterans and others face hunger and struggle to find help.

College Hunger

In partnership with NJ’s colleges and universities, we are advancing solutions to end campus hunger, so students do not have to choose between food and school.

Senior Hunger

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. Many receive only meager assistance. We’re working on solutions.

Hungry NJ Children

Hungry NJ Residents

Hungry Senior Citizens