Hunger Solutions

Advancing Comprehensive Solutions to Solve Hunger

Through policy and legislative change at the state and federal levels, the New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition works with a wide array of partners to influence decision-makers and advance change to end hunger in New Jersey.

We inform lawmakers at the state and federal levels, while also working with local officials to make policy and practice changes so that more children, families, low-income workers, seniors and others have enough healthy food to eat every single day.

You can join our efforts. Whether it’s taking action on a national issue or forming a coalition in your own backyard, there are plenty of ways you can help end hunger in New Jersey. View below for more info.

Our Top Priorities to End Hunger

#SNAPFeedsNJ Campaign

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) is the nation’s first line of defense against hunger. This critical food aid is threatened under budget proposals being considered in Congress.

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State Initiatives

The coalition works closely with state lawmakers and policymakers to advance efforts to improve food access for children, seniors, veterans and others. Right now, two bills are pending in the state Legislature would remove barriers to food access for children and veterans.

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Grassroots Advocacy

The Coalition works with local advocates across New Jersey to help them make a difference in their own  backyards. Parents, community leaders and others join forces to improve the health and well-being of community residents.

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School Breakfast Increase

Kids Receiving Summer Meals

NJ Residents Receiving Food Assist


Average SNAP Benefit