Neighbors Taking Action

Third Grade Student Makes a Difference!

Who says kids can’t make a difference?  At nine years, old Jake Scoropanos is already taking an active role in his community. He learned that some kids go to school hungry and decided to do something about it.

“I want to donate the money I got for Christmas to buy those kids food.” Hearing this, his parents challenged him to think bigger and, within just a few weeks, Jake raised more than $3,000 to help fight hunger.

His efforts will culminate in an assembly line packing event organized by the Center for Food Action (CFA) at his school, Abraham Lincoln Elementary in Wyckoff.

Jake got his idea to make a difference after watching a video clip on Facebook from The Ellen Show that had gone viral. It featured North Carolina teacher Michael Bonner who spoke about how hard it was for kids in his district to focus in class when they are hungry.  Jake recalls, “Even though I am only nine years old I knew I could make a difference so I just tried my best. Sometimes you just need one person with a good idea to get things going.”

Jake’s mom, Caren Scoropanos, reached out to CFA to learn more about the Weekend Snack Pack Program. CFA provides weekend snack packs to students in ten areas elementary schools who receive free or reduced-price school meals during the week, but who are often left without adequate nutrition on the weekends and holidays.