CFA’s Teen Initiative Supports the Weekend Snack Pack Program

We Want To Help Our Young Neighbors in Need

We launched the CFA Teen Initiative with the goal of doubling the number of young children helped by CFA’s Weekend Snack Pack Program.  Currently, CFA has the funding to give 2,500 elementary students weekend snack packs each academic year.

Please join us in reaching out to local businesses and corporations for support. 

CFA’s Weekend Snack Pack Program currently provides over 35,000 snack packs to children in need living in our own backyard. Snack packs are delivered to 14 local schools in towns like Englewood, Teaneck, and Leonia. However, there are way more kids that are in need! And we need your help…..

How it works:
Many children who receive free or reduced-price school meals are left without adequate nutrition on the weekends and holiday breaks. CFA’s Weekend Snack Pack Program fills this gap by providing healthy, kid-friendly, and easy to prepare foods to children at risk of hunger. The sealed snack packs are distributed by the classroom teacher on Friday afternoons.

How it makes a difference:
It’s tough to learn when you’re hungry.  In all the schools where the program exists now, they have seen a decrease in nurse visits on Mondays and less disciplinary problems. This is because the students are now able to stay focused.

Max Selver, Harrison Klaiman, and Ethan Levine

Get Involved & Help Kids Who Struggle With Weekend Hunger

Your donation will help CFA expand the program and give weekend snack packs to more children who struggle with weekend hunger.

A full sponsorship is $3,000 which translates to 670 snack packs. Think about how many children you are helping! One snack pack is $4.50

Every donation helps.  No donation is too small! Just think, your donation will make a BIG difference to children who are struggling with hunger.

Thank you!

Your support makes it possible to help local children in need.

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Thanks for supporting the Weekend Snack Pack Program through the CFA Teen Initiative.  Together we can help children who face a daily struggle with hunger.

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